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I call him the Mujahid because he knows how to fight. I criticize him sometimes because I think that his intentions are very good but because he doesn't always consider who it is necessary to fight. Now the Mujahid has drawn cartoons about the Prophet SAW and his marriage to Zaynab and this has started a gigantic argument that is quite depressing to see during Ramadan.

To be honest I don't really understand the comic, but it looks like the Mujahid is trying to put a human side on the Prophet SAW. The problem with this is that it reduces the Prophet to just another man. The Mujahid probably wants to relate to him but we cannot relate to him, we are lesser. Also the Mujahid thinks too much about sex and so we need a good aunty to find him a girl quickly!

Someone says in the comment that the comic was inspired by a post here at my blog. I hope that is not true. I think we should make fun of ourselfes. But not of our religion or our holy people. If we do that then we will not be able to treat our own faith with respect and that is the problem that the Christians in the US have today.

I somehow feel that the Mujahid had drawn the comic for the benefit more of non muslims like the Liberal Hawk and the Transhumanist rather than his fellow muslims. Why does he feel that we need to have art to be inspired? I know a few artisty types and they always insist that if you don't like their art than you "dont get it" and are not intellectual equal enough. I get this feeling from The Mujahid constantly telling muslims that we need to see things his way. But his way of seeing things is very influenced by the non-muslims. I see him drifting away from us sometimes.

and Anyway, hadith are useless. What do they really do but create arguments and distract the muslims from what is important? I do not write SAW after Bukhari's name!

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Matoko said...

aisha said i was wrong, o sakina.
ali too.

i learned a lot from that thread...i do not think it was fighting.
i loved what yursil wrote,
He (Sallalahu’alaiheewassalm) is Islam manifest on Earth and in the Heavens…
it would be a blessing beyond blessings to even have one dream of him… a gift beyond gifts to be the dirt under his Blessed feet.

perhaps the Mujahid did make the thread in part for me! I am the student that asked if the Prophet was ever funnie. ;)

The reason i liked what Yursil said, is that i am too much like Rabi'a, i think. She cared only for Allah, and did not care either for the Prophet or for Satan. well, perhaps i do care for Iblis. It is hard to avoid it.

26. They said, "do you love the presence of majesty?"
She said, "I do."
They said, "Do you hate Satan?"
She said, "Out of love of the compassionate, I have no occasion for hatred toward Satan. Isaw the Prophet in a dream. He said, 'Rabi'a, do you love me?' I said, 'O Prophet of God, who is there that doesn't love you? But the love of the real has so pervaded me that there is no place in my heart for love of one or hatred of another.'"