Democrats must cleanse their rhetoric

I don't has as much to say about the Democrats, i mean not as many words as I did for Republicans, but I'm not any less angry at them either and they are exactly half the problem after all in US politics. Main thing is that the Dubai Ports World deal revealed that Democrats are ready to become racist at a drop of the hat. Now we see (thanks to the @NB feed from the Shayk's political weblog) that Dubai Ports World just got an award for the best security certification! Wow I wish we could have good ports security in the US, but we chased away DPW because they were owned by Dubai (but its ok that China owns other ports on the west coast and hey wasn't the communists the enemy of all enemies a few years ago? well, hey they are not muslim at least).

Funny too is how Democrats want 100% inspection of containers but Republicans say no. But then Democrats play the muslim card against DPW. So who is serious about security? No one.

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Matoko Kusanagi said...

michelle malkin was one of many that sabotaged DPW on the right.
how amusing for a brown person to be racist.