Republicans need to clean their house

Funny thing is that my family has voted Republican for many years including for President Bush in 2000. But Republicans today have total hatred of Islam and here at Redstate which is the Daily Kos for the Republican party (and has many party elected officials posting there) is a great window into how the base rank and file see Islam as the motivator ideology for terror.

I am very grateful to Neil in comments there who tries to inject some sense but he is labeled a facist and racist! Or maybe he is accused of accusing the crusader of being a racist and facist. I am not sure how to follow such convoluted logic but it is clear that the liberals are not the only ones who know how to scream about labels and whine about being silenced and having the pure truth of politics.

And of course we have the same old bit about how US muslims better do "something" or the American people will do "something" to US muslims. These somethings are never made clear. What am I supposed to do about bin laden or about bombers in London? quit my job and become a house muslim like a trained monkey on stage repeating "terror bad, kill innocents bad" all day? Will this "clean our house" ? Or be a joke?

I want Republicans to clean their own house about all this genocide lust. Didnt a congressman - not just some random person but an actual elected person to Congress! say that we need to nuke Mecca? And even so-called Armed Liberal at Winds of Change can't talk about Islam without saying how sad he would be if the "west" was forced to "solve" the problem. Or as he is putting it now, "dropping the constraints"

Will we conform our goals and policies to the social restraints we have placed on the conduct of warfare - or will we drop the restraints?

Robb doesn't believe that we can drop the restraints (as above). I know that we can, and wonder if we will choose to. That's a discussion well worth having.

Gee thanks for your enlightenment, the West!

look, war on terror is an important thing and in ideal world it would be fought with smarts and focused on the actual problem of terrorists. But it has become just a vechicle for the racists who want to declare war on Islam.

Why don't Republicans condemn?


Matoko said...

depressing, non?
both sides have their cheerleaders for the clash of civilizations, islamophobia pimps on the west, anti-western hatemongers on the otherside.
hate brokers, hate dealers, daytraders in stocks of hatred.
no one on either side in the west understands Islam, or even wants to try.
preferring instead to get spoonfed the jihaadwatch or pipes or faithfreedom or manji/hirsii ali/brigitte gabriel/wafa condensed version.

i despair.

Matoko said...

the smart way to fight the wot would be to enlist the power of islam, the power of the ummah, as our allies. =(