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I am amazed at the self-importance of some people. at the Imperialist's blog they always put themselves to be very high minded about freedom and human rights. Then look closer. here is a post that says

It's not personal. It's a system, and it's in the Koran and in the example of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and in history and in the systems of laws and the cultural influences derived from all of the above. This, you can't alter. You can't get a fundamentally friendly Islam.

What you can have is simply less Islam, and more of other alternatives which aren't so hostile. And that is what I advocate that we aim at.

there's more

The tragedy can be denied if we deny that there are really moderate Muslims and friendly and upright people on the other side of the line that Islam draws between itself and the non-Muslim world, but I don't agree with blinding ourselves to the goodness of other people, even if we may not be able to avoid fighting them.

Rather, we are called by history to face up to a tragedy: that we have to oppose and diminish a system that is intractably and (in the context of proliferating nuclear weapons) fatally hostile to us, even though that will enrage and alienate the large absolute numbers of genuinely good and moderate people within that system, people who would like Islam to be friendly, kind and fair, even though, friendly or unfriendly, kind or unkind, and fair or anciently wedded to prejudices and violent supremacism in practice, it is still their religion, and since it is a political religion, still their side.

ok then. less Islam. good luck with that.


Matoko Kusanagi said...

O sakina, i cant even read there anymore, and joe is...was my blogfather.

Islam isnt evil.
People are evil....and stupid.
the more i study Islam, the more i see its goodness. ;)

xrumerpass said...

History of islam - this is the most interesting that I have learned.I always find something new and interesting every time I come around here - thanks.

Poetic Truth said...

It's a sad fact that Non-Muslims recognise Islam to be a political religion, whether it be positively or negatively. Whereas, convincing Many Muslims in the west that Islam isn't something that we just practice within the four walls of our homes, is like banging your head against the wall!
History itself is witness to the justice of Islam,when applied fully, as it should be. The so-called intellectuals need to go back and do their history homework. To claim the Islamic system in it's true form to be unkind or unjust indicates that either they are liars or they've not done their homework on history.
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