The Zionist is someone I like to read because she is not afraid to defend her people and is proud of her culture and this is very important especially in a multiple diversity society like the USA because if everyone is insecure of their culture then there is much more conflict. Still, it is troubling to see how the Zionist lets her defense of her own people poison her attitudes. The latest post is a kind of irony in that she points out how anti-semitism is rising around the world, but then ends by saying that the real problem is Islam. Doesn't she of all people see that the two are the same wearing different clothes? Why is one anti- okay and the other evil? Both are evil.

world wide jew hatred is a bad problem but there is a lot of muslim hatred too. I have many friends in UK who report being attacked by thugs and kids in schools being abused by classmates. This is not a problem in the US but neither is jew hatred a problem here either. So we jews and muslims should be vigilant together to make sure that we dont see these problems import to our shared nation.

It is very sad to see how reasonable people become radical and open to hate in their hearts. The Zionist is an example of someone who went from principles to a kind of cynic. She used to argue that hatred of a people was bad and now she only argues that hatred of HER people is bad.

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