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Ok so I have been out of blogging touch for some time but I haven't given up on my blog! It's been a busy few months and Ramadan was wonderful very good opportunity to recharge the Deen battery if you know what I mean. And several family went to akbari Hajj this year which by all account was awesome, it rained in Mecca which is very rare. Also had some interesting family issues, of which more later. I know the Atheist will find that interesting! But more on that later :)

I have watched the Eteraz project grow into an amazing thing - the Mujahid has stopped posting at his blog and is now there only, so I guess I need to update my links. Actually the Alim is also posting there too so it makes for more convenient reading! I don't think the Shaykh is closing his blog, however, though I have seen him post at Eteraz too. Speaking of the Shaykh, I was very much moved by his post on Eid al Ghadeer. He has a link to the Ghadeer project which documented the entire event at Ghadeer Khum using Sunni sources. Now this is a touchy subject and I saw from asking my family that the whole thing is touchy enough to be best avoided but as a thinking person one has to think and wonder about the implications. I guess you could say that I had a mild crisis of faith after reading it, which Iknow was not the Shayk's intention and I don't really think of myself as a Sunni let alone a Shi'a - I am just muslim - but I want to get closest to truth and so the resource of Ghadeer is a very important one to help me find my way. Please don't lecture me on this I already said I don't think the books of Bukhari or Muslim are worth the paper they are printed so do not tell me anything on that. It is just pointless to get into arguments on this and it is personal. We have to find our own way.

I don't think I want to do more than read at Eteraz because it is kind of intimidating to be part of something so large. I will definitely read it every day but if I have something to say I'll say it here. I am glad that not everyone is joining that site though because there needs to be some diversity, but then again the Eteraz is also I would say the most important blog in the islamic blogs now since everyone is there in one way or another.

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