Question for the Christian Soldier

excuse me.

Muslims are orcs. Our god - Allah, actually a moon god and not really the same god of Abraham - is a warrior concept that demands sacrifice in the present world. There is no love in Islam, only submission of slave to master. There is no divine revelation in Islam, only a code of action. The point of Islam is to bind the muslim, unlike Christianity where it is to elevate the believer. Islam is at its core a hate for everything that is not Islamic and the most important principle is jihad. Islam must destroy everything other than itself otherwise it will also be destroyed. There is no way to compatible the demands of Islam and of freedom because there is no free will in Islam. No muslim can truly believe in the Enlightenment principles because their own religion and holy book tells them opposite to the very core of those principles. The Prophet of Islam was false and a pervert and a crazed warmonger who slew drowned arabia in blood. Then the caliphs after him gutted the Christian world and destroyed overnight civilizations that would if not for Islam have endured today.

Is that right?

Is there anything I have missed?


Dean said...

Nah, I think you got it dude.

montana said...

I think you forgot the part where you ingest the excrement of your preacher.

Greg1977 said...

Montana is an idiot who ingested the excrement of his muslim overlord. Montana regurgitated the excrement and ate it again. Obviously a liberal appeaser. Here is the salt.