America is not the West

Welcome to War on AL-Islam (WALI). I am a patriotic American and I am a muslim. America is a nation, of all its loyal citizens, it is something grand and it is something wonderful and like the Shayk says, it is the greatest muslim nation on earth, for nowhere else in the so-called "ummah" is there a place like this where muslims are free. America unites its people.

But the West - what is that? It is just an ideology. It is just a construct. It exists only in the mind. Unlike the idea of America it divides people from each other. There is no "the West" and not even it's biggest defenders can even define it. What is the West?

I am of America, I am not of the West, for the West would have me abandon Islam and the West has declared war upon Islam. I will use this blog to show muslims like the Shayk, the Mujahid, the Alim, and others the truth of what I claim.


Sakina Arwah said...

test comment.

Matoko Kusanagi said...

oh, ha ha ha!
my arabic is so indequate that i thought u were calling thabet the grandfather!!!
many apolos. ;)

O Daughter, this is a great blog.
i hope to learn much here. ;)

For now, i will be the Combat Poet.