their silence speaks volumes

The Liberal Hawk tells The Transhumanist:

A lot of hawks are just waiting to hear the bold, brassy statement:
7:19 PM "I love America, I love freedom of choice and free will and free worship, and I hate these fuckers who pollute my religion. I may not agree with everything my government does, but I want to help deffeat these assholes who spit on our enlightenment values."

Is the Liberal Hawk paying attention? At his own blog, which the Hawks surely read, the Shayk says this on a regular basis. And the Mujahid as well, to whom he links to routinely. And in fact any blog in the brass crescent.

So why this silence from the Hawks?


Matoko said...

patience, the Liberal Hawk has yet to link my post.

and if i am The Transhumanist, who then are you?
Are you a na'qaat (combat poet) or a rawi (reciter)?

Matoko said...

i know u, dulcinea. ;)

Dean Esmay said...

We don't always see it.

I go out of my way to point it out when I do see it but I cannot read every blog every day.

By the way, I'm the guy Ali quoted. That's something I wrote to him in email.

People who'd like to see it just aren't. I'm willing to help put the message out but I cannot be everywhere.

I can tell you for certain that there is indeed value in reaching out. Because there are the fence-sitters who are afraid, they believe what the Jihadwatch and similar people put out but they don't want to believe it. They want to be proved wrong.

sakina_arwah said...

i would be more convinced about the value of reaching out if there were some evidence that there was some effect. Shayk and Mujahid reach out and they seem to believe that they rae changing minds. That's their belief but i know differently because i am not idealist. I saw on the ann coulter forum and over at the Ace and the other blogs that nothing is good enough. i am not a monkey and no good muslim should be asked to perform like a monkey!!!

sakina_arwah said...

O Transhumanist, I am not a warrior, i leave that to the mujahid (but I think that he fights the wrong battles).

I am just sakina. I am arwah. I am fatema. I am zainab. I am their daughter.. perhaps that is who I am. The Daughter.

bel_air_contract said...

Oh yes! This is definitely parody. sakina is a sock pup for sure! But do keep up. It is entertainment to the xtreme