The Mujahid is very sad

He laments honor killings, as well he should. But he again makes the mistake: honor killings are about muslims, and about Islam.

So, I ask, either the societies aren’t Islamic, or Islam is no longer an adequate protection for the lives of women. In fact, Islam has become a scourge. Which is it?

What a lovely false choice has been setup here. Of course any time that a muslims commits an evil, then Islam has become a scourge because Islam somehow failed to protect the victim!

Yes of course these particular cases are by muslims, and the "honor" is wrapped in Islamic arguments and excuses. But The Mujahid makes the same mistake as those who argue that Islam is inherently violent and hateful of women. He paints it as muslim this and Islam that. What wonderful ammunition he gives to the jafis!

The Mujahid seems to try and be the voice who condemns. Any muslim, anywhere, who commits an evil act and he must step up and demonstrate to some audience of jafis that HERE is a muslim who is righteous! Funny but I do not think that The Mujahid is any more righteous than my father, or my brother, or my cousin, who live in America, in Pakistan, in East Africa. They do not honor kill me because I live here and because I might date a non-muslim. I am alive; I am fine.

And where do these crimes take place? Why do they not take place here in the US? Does the Mujahid try to answer this question? So eager is he to immediately toe the line that he never bothers to dig deeper. For some insight maybe we should look at the Shayk, though that link is from years ago and nowadays the Shayk seems not to care about issues as anything more than a philosophical excercize.

Yes honor killings are evil. And they are usually committed by muslims, in the name of Islam. But the fact that there aren't honor killings in the USA means something. I wish that the Mujahid would spend some energy on THAT instead of being so sad.


Larry said...

I don't know why they always pick on the jews like that. We need america to stop sponsoring zionist state terrorism and then and only then the jewish and hebrew people can live together in the lands of our patriarchs with the arabian men women and children.

Larry said...

I wish you goog luck and i wish the whole of the middle east good luck but we can't just have criminals running wild like the wild west spoinling the joys of life for millions in the lands of ME. that we can't have and you know it.