tilts at windmills

The Mujahid believes that entering the lion's den - ie the jafi community - is productive. His latest foray met with disaster that was really predictable from before:

What hurt most was the way in which I was blatantly excluded from the conversation as if I were completely invisible. There were postings and conversations in which the commentators spoke to each other about “he,” “the guy,” “the Muslim apologist,” “this experiment.” It was as if I was not there. I was not Ali Eteraz. I didn’t have a name. They described and discussed me without acknowledging me. I was no more to them than a vague idea. Not a person, but a pronoun. It was the most blatant case of linguistic exclusion I have ever experienced because even when a man has called me sand-nigger, it has been to my face and I have felt his spittle hit me and felt the actual tangibility of the moment. This time I felt brushed off like I was a husk. Non-existent. Precisely because of the severity of their actions I am going to call it bigotry and I am not going to forgive it.

of course to them you are not a person, you are a muslim, and there is a very big different from their attitude and the one like the Liberal Hawk's attitude, because the Liberal Hawk believes in liberty and the jafis (led by The Jafi) only believe in a weak Islam that is not a threat to them. muslims are not human, they are scum, to be crushed. Otherwise they will crush the West, that is the attitude.

I have sympathy for the jafi's opinion actually because I also want what they want, which is no more big attacks upon my nation and no more death of innocents. I think that the Liberal Hawk is beginning to understand the dangerous attitudes of his allies, but why the Mujahid continues to try and reach out (or why any muslim should heed the Liberal Hawk's call for reaching out) I simply cannot understand.

Remember the biggest argument of the jafis. They say that they want muslims to stop terror. As if muslims were not the biggest victims of terror already! And then they say in very sad tones that if we do not stop it then the consequences will be to awaken the sleeping giant and then Islam will be destroyed and that they really don't want to be forced to do that. Why is genocide against Islam even raised as an option if they don't really want to do that? Especially when you consider that NOTHING that muslims do - not even foil bomb plots - is ever good enough, one sees that maybe we are being set up to fail.


Dean Esmay said...

It is raised as an option because the option is there.

Look at what the United States did to Germany and Japan and to others it perceived to be its greatest enemy.

Giving up is no solution. Getting through to people is better.

A thing to always remember is that on blogs, as most media, there are more who silently read or silently watch and say nothing. This silent majority is whom you should always have in mind when you write.

sakina_arwah said...

"it" is an option? the immoral, the obscene, the sick - these are always options Free will gives us the way to decide what option available to us we take, and we decide what option based on our principle and faith and values.

If the West is so ready to nuke Mecca then either do it or stop pretending that it will do it.

I think it is not an option not for a civilized society as West claims to be. Then again i do not believe in the West, only in America.